Q) I’ve seen cheaper key cabinets, what makes Guardian Angel so special?
A) We could make a weaker cabinet look secure but it wouldn’t fool thieves and is unlikely to get approval from your insurer.

Q) I’m insured for vehicle theft so why spend anything?
A) Insurers typically only cover ‘unexpected’ events (hail, fire, break/enter...) and theft, due to an unsecured remote or keys, can be classified as ‘forseeable’ and refused as a claim.

Q) How easy is it for staff to use a Guardian Angel?
A) It is designed expressly to provide quick, every day access and this is usually immediatlely apparent.

Q) Do insurers recognise the superiority
of a Guardian Angel?

A) Yes, we built this system with assistance and input from some major insurers. And we can discount for customers insured by companies with Guardian Angels on their preferred list.

Q) What guarantee do I get with a Guardian Angel?
A) You are covered against parts and labour for 1 year. And we can arrange a ‘try before you buy’ facility.

Removable panels and patented ‘T’ slot system stops keys from falling out but keeps them always at hand